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The whole family, including three pups, our little 5 month old, my husband, and myself all sleep in the same bedroom. I love my husband and our sweet pit bull, but man, can they snore.

While we were creating our baby registry last year, one of the first things we researched were white noise machines to drown out the ambient noises. We settled on the Hatch, since it got great reviews online.

We’ve been using the Hatch Baby Rest every day/night since she was born, and for the most part, we really like it!

A few of our favorite aspects:

  • It can get super loud. This is nice to help drown out snoring, little paws clicking around on the tile floor, or puppy ears clicking.
  • There’s an adjustable night light, both by color and light intensity. We used this a lot in Harper’s first couple of months because we were still figuring out breastfeeding and how to get a good latch. We would turn the red light (promotes sleep) down very low to ensure she latched well, then turned it back off when we didn’t need it.
  • There’s an app for that! I really like that it’s controlled by an app. All of the machine controls are on the underside of the machine and are not lit, so it is difficult to adjust the settings if the room is dark. The app helps with that.

And there are a few downsides:

  • My biggest complaint about it is that it has a 12 hour loop of noise. At the 12 hour mark, the noise shuts off and turns back on. This wouldn’t be a big deal for most, but Harper sleeps around 12-13 hours at night. It has definitely jolted her when the noise stops and starts back up.
  • I have not yet found that the machine produces pink noise, which I feel is less harsh than white noise.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend a Hatch Baby Rest for a white noise maker. It’s been very helpful in drowning out the less-than-desirable ambient noises for us.

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