Rave on Mamava

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Mamava pod at the Houston Hobby airport
Mamava pod at Houston hobby

Did you know these were a thing? We found this pleasant surprise when traveling for the first time with the little one to Florida a couple of weeks ago. I have always been a modest person, but I am getting better about nursing in public. I still like to find private areas though, when possible.

When we were delayed in the Houston Hobby airport for a good 4 hours, the airport started to get very crowded (several flights ended up getting delayed). It was almost impossible to find a private corner with the number of people there!

As we were walking around, we saw a standalone pod called “Mamava”. It is a private pod just for breastfeeding and pumping mothers! I was floored!

Here’s how it works: you download the Mamava app to see if the pod is occupied. If it is, it tells you how long the person has been in the pod. If it’s not occupied, it will give you a code to unlock the pod. The app will also show you where pods are near you.

Once you’re inside, there is a manual lock you can use for complete privacy. There are seats inside, a small mirror, and plugs for plugging in your pump. You can even adjust the lighting and air flow with the app!

This pod is a total game changer for modest, nursing mothers like myself. I will, of course, feed the little one whenever and wherever I need to, but knowing there are these privacy pods around is so helpful too.

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