Harper’s Birth Story – Part 1

Harper’s birth story starts a week and a half after her due date. Everyone and their mothers texted and called asking if I had the baby yet. A friendly piece of advice: don’t tell people your due date. You will start getting bombarded with questions […]

Review on Hatch Baby Rest

The whole family, including three pups, our little 5 month old, my husband, and myself all sleep in the same bedroom. I love my husband and our sweet pit bull, but man, can they snore. While we were creating our baby registry last year, one […]

Baby’s Developmental Leaps

Today’s Mini Monday (and by Monday, I mean Tuesday) rant is coming from a tired mama. That’s half the reason why this post is coming out on Tuesday: developmental leaps can stink! Harper is in the thick of leap 5, and if this makes no […]

Rave on Ibotta

I have to rave on Ibotta for a second. I had heard about it quite some time ago, but thought it might be too much work. Boy, I was wrong! Ibotta is an app you can download on your smart phone that gives you cash […]

A Rave on Dave Ramsey

Check out Dave Ramsey’s website and order The Total Money Makeover book. It’ll change your life! There are also lots of free resources online, including people who vlog about their experience (Life with Sarah is a good one), a free Excel spreadsheet that adapts Ramsey’s […]