Harper’s Birth Story – Part 3

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While Camellia was braving the flood to get the drug, Alex and I were on the bed and Stephanie was beside me on the floor, helping me through transition. Every contraction was extreme pressure in my rectum, and complete focus was needed to get through them. 

Camellia finally showed up with the drug, and it took effect almost instantaneously. Everyone in the birth center (two midwives, one student midwife, Chelsea, Alex, and myself) were able to sleep for about an hour and a half.

I woke up around 1:30am and my body had already started pushing. A few minutes later, my water broke. I let my body push on its own for a bit, then headed to the toilet to push. I could feel I was making progress, albeit very slow progress. 

My original preference was to give birth in the water, so I moved over to the tub, but unfortunately didn’t make progress. I could feel her head moving back up. It just wasn’t the right place. We moved back to the toilet and pushed with each contraction for a while. I would grab onto the cabinet above the toilet, with Alex pushing against the cabinet so I didn’t fling it open. I then pulled down on the cabinet handles while pushing with everything I had. After each contraction at this point, I could feel her head when I reached down. 

I pushed on the toilet for quite some time, since it was the most progress I made. Stephanie came in to help me around 4:50/5am, and by that point, Harper was coming. Around 5:15am, Stephanie had me move out to the birth stool, where they positioned it in front of the bed. Alex sat on the side of the bed, I sat on the birth stool, and I pushed with him behind me. 

I pushed a few times on the stool, and she started crowning. They told me to breathe the baby out instead of roaring and pushing hard like I was doing. I breathed for a little bit and started easing her head out. With the next contraction, I pushed with everything I had, and her head and entire body came out with one push! The doula/midwives were barely ready to catch her. They grabbed her and handed her up to me as Alex and I looked at her in amazement. 

At 5:32am, she was finally here.

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