Harper’s Birth Story – Part 1

Harper’s birth story starts a week and a half after her due date. Everyone and their mothers texted and called asking if I had the baby yet. A friendly piece of advice: don’t tell people your due date. You will start getting bombarded with questions and advice the second that day hits.

I knew, before getting pregnant, that we wanted to go the natural route (no drugs). We started our care with my OB/GYN, which meant I would be delivering in the local hospital. I was on the fence about that, since I really hate hospitals.

The insurance rep at the doctor’s office asked if I would be getting an epidural. I replied “no”, at which she looked from the computer over to me. “This is your first, right? You should just say you want one in the paperwork. Don’t be a hero.”

We must have spoken about an epidural for at least 5 minutes. I felt pressured into checking “yes” in the paperwork. That was not at all what I wanted, and the decision did not sit right with me.

Alex and I left the doctor’s office knowing it was time to switch care after that. I searched for a birth center near us, and we took a tour of the facility. We both instantly felt comfortable with the midwives and the little house turned into a birth center.

Pregnancy went on to go very smoothly. No morning sickness or real aversions. I tried to stay as active as possible, going on frequent walks and swimming. Every time I went to the bathroom at work, I would make myself do 20 squats in the stall. I would leave the bathroom each time out of breath; I’d love to know what my coworkers thought was happening in there.

My Monday, November 26, 2018 due date came. And went. I was getting antsy. An entire week after my due date also came and went. I knew that I could only go to 42 weeks before I had to be induced, and I was not about to deliver in the hospital after our journey to getting to a birth center!

On Monday, December 3, the midwives sent me in for an ultrasound to make sure my fluid levels were good and baby girl was doing well. Everything looked good; she just wanted to stay put.

On Tuesday, one of the midwives did a membrane sweep to see if we could move things along. When I read about others getting membrane sweeps, they would mention it casually and quickly. Well, for me, it was not a casual, comfortable experience. And when that sweep didn’t take and we had to do a more “aggressive” sweep on that Thursday, I was less than excited.

That aggressive sweep, along with some induction acupuncture, ended up doing the trick. Around 8:30pm on December 6, I went into labor.

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