Saving for Christmas in 10 weeks

Christmas is both an incredibly happy and incredibly stressful time. Any adult knows that. People are kinder and more generous during the Holiday season, but are also stressed out from finding gifts for everyone they know. Let’s put together a game plan for the Holiday […]

Rave on Mamava

Did you know these were a thing? We found this pleasant surprise when traveling for the first time with the little one to Florida a couple of weeks ago. I have always been a modest person, but I am getting better about nursing in public. […]

Harper’s Birth Story – Part 3

If you haven’t already, check out part one and part two of Harper’s birth story! While Camellia was braving the flood to get the drug, Alex and I were on the bed and Stephanie was beside me on the floor, helping me through transition. Every […]

Harper’s Birth Story – Part 2

If you haven’t already, check out part one to Harper’s birth story! Thursday, December 6 around 8:30pm, I stared having mild contractions. Alex and I labored out in the living room on my birthing ball. I spent a TON of time on the ball leading […]

Harper’s Birth Story – Part 1

Harper’s birth story starts a week and a half after her due date. Everyone and their mothers texted and called asking if I had the baby yet. A friendly piece of advice: don’t tell people your due date. You will start getting bombarded with questions […]

Review on Hatch Baby Rest

The whole family, including three pups, our little 5 month old, my husband, and myself all sleep in the same bedroom. I love my husband and our sweet pit bull, but man, can they snore. While we were creating our baby registry last year, one […]

Baby’s Developmental Leaps

Today’s Mini Monday (and by Monday, I mean Tuesday) rant is coming from a tired mama. That’s half the reason why this post is coming out on Tuesday: developmental leaps can stink! Harper is in the thick of leap 5, and if this makes no […]