How to budget on an irregular income

When we started paying off debt, my husband had an irregular income. It really threw me off. I wasn’t quite sure how to know exactly how much to allocate to different categories (including the snowball method for paying off debt) with a paycheck that changes […]

A beginner’s guide to budgeting

Are you brand new to budgeting and looking for a beginner’s guide to budgeting to get you started? You’ve come to the right place! Or, have you tried it and “failed”, then found this post? I say “failed” because it’s not failing if you learned […]

How to talk to your spouse about money

Fights about money are some of the most common in a relationship. There is undoubtedly something about money that the two of you do not agree on. And since money can be an extremely sensitive topic, it can get the argument heated very quickly. There […]

4 tips to budget for irregular expenses

Bills that fluctuate in amount can really throw a budget off. And irregular bills can account for a good chunk of overall monthly expenses. Think things like electricity, gas, groceries, water. These monthly expenses make it difficult to sit down once a month and create […]