BBQ Hamburger Muffins

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I know, it sounds weird to put the words “hamburger” and “muffin” in the same recipe. But trust me: they’re delicious! My mom used to make these for us when we were kids and we loved them. Now I like to make them because they are delicious and cheap!


  • Hamburger meat: $4.82
  • Cheese: $2.57 (for whole pack)
  • Biscuits: $1.92
  • BBQ sauce: $1.93 (for entire bottle)
  • Total: $11.24
  • Makes 8 total muffins, equating to $1.40/muffin!
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Pair these with a salad or a steamed vegetable, and you have a complete meal! Super simple, inexpensive, and delicious.

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