Baby’s Developmental Leaps

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Today’s Mini Monday (and by Monday, I mean Tuesday) rant is coming from a tired mama. That’s half the reason why this post is coming out on Tuesday: developmental leaps can stink!

Harper is in the thick of leap 5, and if this makes no sense to you, please check out the Wonder Weeks site for more info. She has done so well through the other leaps, but this one has brought short naps, frequent night waking, and the grumps.

Last night was the worst of it! We put her to bed, and an hour later, she woke up screaming and was inconsolable for two hours. TWO HOURS, you guys. My poor little peanut.

These leaps are also really fascinating, outside of the crazy baby syndrome your sweet little one temporarily contracts. They learn a lot of really cool new things during and after the leaps.

I may just create a longer post about these, because they are super fascinating, but can drive a parent bonkers.


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