Hey friend! I’m Melissa and the six of us are living in Houston, Texas (3 of the human kind, 3 of the canine kind). My husband Alex and I met back in college and were part of a small group of close friends. Alex and I had pretty big crushes on each other, but either he wasn’t available or I wasn’t. This went on for a couple of years.

I graduated in May of 2011, when Alex was back home in Dallas. I was in the process of moving out of my apartment when Alex and I were texting. “Jokingly” (not really), I asked him to come up to Norman to help me, and he ended up packing a bag and driving up! 

He not only helped me pack up my apartment, but ended up staying in Norman for a while. We both crashed in our friend’s living room while I waited to hear back from NASA about a job. We finally became a couple around the time I got the job and moved down to Houston together. Two years later, we got hitched!

I had an amazing career at NASA. It was my dream job ever since I watched my first Space Shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center in the third grade. I worked hard to get a job there, and worked even harder once I got there. 

Adding to our family

Then, in 2018, our lives changed. We found out we were pregnant on St. Patrick’s Day that year, due with a little girl in November. We started talking about me coming home to take care of her, but it didn’t feel real until she was here. 

We ended up having our baby girl almost two weeks late (here’s her birth story!), and before I knew it, the end of my FMLA was approaching. I had to make a decision to either stay home or go back to work. I took the little one in to meet my colleagues and told my boss I was quitting.

Living with one income

Now that I’m home full time with this munchkin and our income has essentially been cut in half, one of my many hats is to cut finances wherever we can. That’s where this blog comes in; it’s essentially my database for cutting costs and raising the little one! 

I wish I could say it’s been easy to go down to one income, especially since we paid off our debt a couple of years ago. But in reality, it’s never easy to lose an income, no matter the size.

I am a very type A personality, and it will show throughout this blog. But my hope is that my family’s journey from two incomes to one, from working to staying home with baby, from $100,000 in debt to living debt free, will help you with your own journey as well.